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About Us

The Silver Lining was formed in 2020 in order to bridge the gap between graduating and the creative industry. We provide a safe space for recent graduates (from 2018 onwards) to network, collaborate, develop and workshop new writing.


 We do this by hosting industry-lead workshops, writer’s rooms, scratch nights and research and development sessions. We encourage and welcome collaborative and supportive individuals who are keen to connect with a wide variety of creatives from fellow institutions. The majority of our workshops and productions take place in East London at The Redbridge Drama Centre and The Kenneth More Theatre.

We are called The Silver Lining because we strive to find light in dark situations, to find the funny in the bleak. During covid there have been many online opportunities for 2020 grads to make sure we don’t get lost, but we felt that one of the most important ones could have passed us by, and that is the opportunity to connect with each other. The Silver Lining is an opportunity for us to become a team, a support system, a network.

To recent graduates: over time this company will develop in ways we cannot predict, all we know now is that we want to find you, champion your work and link you up with like-minded creatives. Also, it would be great if we could have a laugh along the way.

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