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'Pamplemousse' Play Reading


An online Workshop and Reading of 'Pamplemousse', a new farcical comedy written by Marie-Claire Wood.

Director: Maya Shimmin (Central)

Grace: Maya Manuel (Goldsmiths Univercity)

Abbie: Evan Walker (Stella Adler Studio)

Marianne: Laura Wohlwend (Central)

Aidan: Adam Fitzgerald (Drama Studio London)

Kiera: Harry Gandy (East 15)

Facilitation Workshop


What is facilitation work? How do you start? How can I structure my workshop?


Here at The Silver Lining we are passionate about sharing what we have learnt with others. Our facilitation workshop is run by Mark Weinman, for more information about Mark and his work click here.

This workshop was for recent graduates with an interest in pursuing facilitation work. Mark will join us for an in-person workshop later this year so keep an eye on our social media if you'd be interested in taking part!

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Mix 'n' Match


This was an online event produced by The Silver Lining, presented by Evan Walker, Molly Walker and Clare Noy. The Mix'n'Match features creatives from 17 different institutions.

Writers: Libby Wiliamson, Jess Kambitsis, Nikhita Lesler, Hannah Harquart, Christelle Elwin, Amy Nic, Tom Higgins, Holly McCormish, Adan Osborne and Harry Creffield.

Directors: Harriett O'Grady, Lauren Lambert-Moore, Priya Patel Appleby, Darren Sinnott, Duccio Baldasseroni, Alice Chambers and Maya Shimmin. 

Performers: Mouna Soualem, Charlie Heptinstall, Rohan Rakit, Catriona Faint, Christelle Elwin, Nikhita Lesler, Elinor Peregrin, Jadie Rose-Hobson, Megan O'Rourke, Tom Higgins, Dan Wolff and Amy Nic.

Conversations with my Nan


This was performed as part of 'Scratch That Itch', an event produced by Myriad Immersive & Pathways Theatre.

Written and Performed: Clare Noy

Director: Lauren Lambert-Moore

Venue: The Vaults

'Somewhere in the West Midlands Orla and her nan are having a catch up. It's been a while.'

This self written piece explores themes of belonging, loss and sexuality. Both Lauren and Clare are recent graduates.

Photographer: Steve Gregson


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Due to the Lockdown this performance was hosted as a rehearsed reading.

Teddy: Ally Ilsley 

Josie: Molly Walker

Johnny Valentine: Jacob Powell

Jenny O'Malley: Caitlin Lavagna

Buster Watson: Damien Edwards

Co-Directors: Molly Walker & Clare Noy

Producer: Ryan Jacques

East London. 1956. Saturday night.

Teddy and Josie are about to hit the streets of London for a good time.


Featuring electrifying songs influenced by hits from the 1950’s performed by the on-stage live band Johnny Valentine and the Broken Hearts. Teddy is the ultimate story of rebellious youth and the birth of a new musical era.

The cast was comprised of 2020 Drama School Graduates in association with The Redbridge Drama Centre.